The Music Professor

Dr. Jeff Davis Bellamy

Professor Emeritus Country Music Anthology

Email him your forgotten favorites:


Professor Emeritus of the Country Music Anthology at the University


Dr. Jeff Davis Bellamy is the professor emeritus of Country Music Anthology at the University.  He also runs our advanced music program at 106.9 I Am Country and oversees the X9 3,000 super computer in our main building.  The professor is asking listeners to help him locate any forgotten favorites that you feel country stations have forgotten or cannot seem to locate.  We want to locate all of your favorites and play them. 

Email the professor here:  Please make sure to include the name of the artist, the song title and why you love this song.


“Country stations seem to have mysteriously lost a lot of great songs and even a lot of great artists,” the professor told us.  “I love that 106.9 I Am Country has hired me to help them catalog and add all of these songs.  I told them I wouldn’t do it unless they involved listeners.  Listeners are not stupid and they are tired of missing so many of their really favorite songs.  No one knows country music better than our country listeners. I can’t wait to add your favorites to the official playlist.”

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