March 20th - An Earthquake and COVID 19


A 5.7 magnitude earthquake struck Salt Lake City a few days ago, disrupting important institutions in the face of COVID 19. It knocked out power to over 70,000 people and was the strongest quake in 30 years. Quakes greater than magnitude 6 reportedly happen once every 50 years or so.




Over 430 people have tested positive for COVID 19 in Florida. 9 have died. Broward County is where the highest concentration of cases are.



Some businesses in Alachua County are having special hours for seniors to shop due to COVID 19. There is a lot so I'll just name a few. Publix is open Tuesdays and Wednesday's 7am to 8am. Starting the 24th, Walmart will open an hour earlier on Tuesdays. Winn-Dixie will be open to seniors and high-risk individuals Monday through Friday 8am to 9am.


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