March 19th - COVID 19

Ford, General Motors, Fiat Chrysler, and Honda are shutting down their manufacturing operations here in the US for a while to clean and sanitize their factories. GM also reportedly said that they were closing down due to market conditions. That statement probably spills over to the other manufacturers as well. If nobody is buying cars, why make more cars.



Universities here in Florida will be going to all online classes through the spring semester. The graduation ceremonies for 12 schools are also being canceled. I'm a tiny bit jealous, which may make me a bad person. I've had to go to a lot of graduation ceremonies, including my own, and they were all eye-wateringly boring. “Oh no Joshua....looks like we cant sit through 5 hours of people we don't care about giving speeches and a 1000 people we don't know walking across a stage.”



The Brown Memorial Funeral Home in Ocala is helping people out who have been deprived by the mad dash for supplies in the face of COVID-19. If everybody got to the store before you did or you are struggling for cash, they are handing out paper towels, toilet paper, and water bottles for the next few days. If you already have a massive hoard of supplies and you go there too, your radio news person will be severely disappointed in you.


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