February 18th - Federal Agents, an Alleged Bad Doctor, and a Bad Car Crash


Immigration officers under the president are reportedly moving into sanctuary cities to assist ICE in the arrest of illegal migrants. Some places listed include Atlanta, New York, and LA. The action is a response to the cities local policies that reduce the cooperation between local and federal police.

US News



A doctor from Tallahassee is being accused of stealing $26 million dollars from government and private health insurance. The prosecution says that he invoiced false claims and scheduled patients for unnecessary visits. He also reportedly told officials that he wanted to become the president of Ghana.




Nine people were sent to the hospital after three vehicles collided in Marion County. Two were listed as trauma alerts. One person was in each of two of the vehicles, but there were seven in one of the trucks. Two were in the front seat and five were in the bed. All the people sitting in the bed of the truck were ejected during the crash.


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