March 16th - COVID 19

The Attorney Generals' Offices in several states are investigating price gouging involving hygiene products. Scalpers were found buying out entire stores worth of sanitizer and masks early on before the COVID 19 outbreak hit the US. They then successfully resold those goods online using places like Amazon and Ebay at many, many times their normal value. Like $20 for a $1 bottle of hand sanitizer.

NY Times


The Florida Department of Health announced 39 new cases of COVID 19 in the state over the weekend. The total number of tested and confirmed cases is around 115. The DOH says that all the cases they have confirmed so far have been a result of traveling or coming into contact with someone who traveled. There are some cases who's point of origin is still being researched, and may indicate community spread.

Local 10


The number of positive cases of COVID 19 in Alachua County has risen to 4. The latest being a woman from New York.


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