March 10th - Geofence, Gas Prices, and UF


So tell me, what do you know about Geofence warrants? Every moment of every day your phone is tracking you. A man in Gainesville became the suspect of a crime after his phone put him near the scene. He lived in that neighborhood and coincidentally biked past a burglarized home a few times within an hour. Police ordered a Geofence warrant to scoop up all the data of every device within a certain proximity of the home. Google, being the good guy and bad guy in this story, at least warned him of the police's attempt at his data before handing it over. He ended up getting a lawyer to sort everything out.




COVID 19 is having powerful impacts on the global and local markets. People buying up all the hand sanitizer. Which -dont do that- bathing just you in hand sanitizer is a lot less helpful than everyone having clean hands. Gas prices are also expected to drop considerably here in Florida due to nobody traveling globally. Some areas could see less than $2 a gallon.




While UF hasn't pulled the trigger yet, there have been reports of internal emails bracing the staff for online-only classes. Students had an opportunity to travel over spring break. The ones who went to restricted countries are on 14-day quarantine. The University of Washington went to online-only classes after there was an outbreak in the state.


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