February 15th - Mississippi Flooding, Red Flag, and a Gainesville Attacker


It has been raining quite a bit in the Southeast over the past few days, and that spells danger for the people living where all that water goes. Hundreds of people in Jackson, Mississippi have evacuated due to rising floodwaters from the Pearl River. It's the worst flood for the area in decades and the third highest the river has ever been.




In the wake of the Parkland shooting Florida passed the “Red Flag” law, which allows for the seizure of firearms if the owner is behaving dangerously. Like direct threats and/or evidence of mental illness. The law has reportedly been used around 3,500 times since its creation. A survey spanning an 18 month period showed that implementation of the law was not equal across the state. Highlands County red-flagged 1 out of every 850 residents, where Escambia flagged 1 in 100,000




Authorities fear a possible serial attacker in Gainesville. Two different women reported being ambushed from the woods within a few days of each other. One was sexually assaulted. They both described their attacker as a white man wearing a black cloth over his face.


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