February 14th - Marijuana Amnesty, BEST, and Valentines Day


Around 66,000 marijana related cases are being dismissed in LA county. The cases disproportionately affected the Black and Latino communities. The former crimes include misdemeanor possession charges all the up to cultivation and sales. 85,000 convictions have been dismissed statewide, and a 2018 study estimates that 220,000 cases could fall under the same protection.




Common Core is no more. B.E.S.T will be put to the test. The new benchmarks go into effect for very young kids in the 2021 to 2022 school year. By the next year it goes into effect for all grades.




In respect for Valentines day today I have some exciting news. Florida has the top 3 metro areas for the WORST dating experience. North Port, Lakeland, and Deltona are apparently bad places to find a new partner. Also Deltona is a real place and not just a misspelling of Daytona.


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