February 24th - DEA, Kissimmee, and Melrose


Jose Irizarry, A DEA agent, was arrested and accused with conspiring with cartels. He and his conspirators allegedly siphoned off around $4 million dollars that were supposed to go to undercover drug stings. Furthermore, this also raises the question of possible corruption in other dealings. Cases handled by the man may have to be re-examined by the courts.




A man in Kissimmee was arrested and charged with manslaughter after officials say he accidentally killed his roommate. The gun went off after he was mishandling it. Anthony also was charged with violating probation and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.




If you live in Melrose and don't have a fire alarm, you can get one! The fire department is giving them away and you can email melrosefiredepartment@gmail.com to ask for one


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