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About Larry

Larry Wilson (Livin' Large Larry) has been married to Keri since June 3, 1988.  He is a self-described family man, husband and dad with two kids, Bobby and Devin.


He’s been on the radio since July of 1982.  Larry gets excited to wake up at 4:23 am and every weekday morning he says, "I get to go do a radio show"!


Larry loves waking you up and says he is humbled every day to be able to be on the radio for you.  He is also passionate about emceeing events for charitable causes that positively impact our community


As a cancer survivor (since December 19, 1997), Larry loves giving back by hosting and speaking about causes that he feels need the spotlight.


If you’ve heard the kids do the pledge in the morning on 106.9 I Am Country, you should know Larry also enjoys speaking to kids about his work in the public.   In those situations, Larry doesn’t just speak to kids.  He likes to get down to their height level and interact with them because of how important it is to make sure they are respected and that he connects with each of them.  


If you go to a lot of events in the Gainesville area, you may have seen Larry announcing at gymnasiums and arena events.


Larry is a big sports fan and especially loves watching and playing sports, mainly baseball-softball...and a little golf (he finds it’s best not to keep score, just keep hacking away).


Larry played in an amateur baseball league most of his adult life and he loves riding the bike trails of North Central Florida! 


Join Larry with the Living Large Morning Show each weekday starting at 6 a.m. on 106.9, I Am Country (for Life)!


Here's a bit more about Larry, direct from the source!

  1. What do you love about country music?  

True life stories are hidden within the song.


  1. What do you like about being on the radio?  

I get to interact with listeners on a one-on-one basis and connect with their lives every day. I love to entertain, not so much just a joker (I’m not a traditional joke teller) or a singer, but I like to be on the radio because I can bring a local perspective to things and give listeners something they won’t find everywhere else. 


  1. Who is your favorite country legend?

If I had to choose one, Alabama. They have a unique sound and a lot of music.  Just like a wide variety of other artists that other stations seemed to have forgotten, listeners love hearing their music on 106.9 I Am Country and so do I.


  1. Who is your favorite new country star?

Luke Combs


  1. 106.9 I Am Country (for Life) makes a big deal out of playing the songs other country stations seem to be missing these days. With such a rich variety of artists  what do you like about mixing all these songs on the radio?

 I guess it’s really about the process of how songs get on our station.  We don’t have to play everything new or everything old.  But people really love what they love and our process of finding those songs means that we are always looking to add more long as they are the good ones people loveWhen you hear those songs mixed on the radio, it reminds you of all the great songs in country music.  Many of them are not being played everywhere else and that’s what makes 106.9 I am Country so different.  I get a real energy from the fact it isn’t the same ten newest songs over and over.  I like what I like and I think listeners are looking for that.  So, please share 106.9 I Am Country with friends.  They’ll love the difference.


  1. When you are on the air, how do you make it special for someone just tuning in to 106.9 I Am Country (for Life)?

I pride myself in delivering information on my show like a conversation between friends. When I crack the mic, I want you to feel like I am talking just to you because I am.  When I talk of my life experiences on air, most listeners will realize that I am just the guy next door, but I get to go to work everyday and share my life with you and hopefully learn some things about you, too. When you see me at an event, I want you to walk up and let’s have a chat because you are the reason I do this job.  Our listeners at 106.9 I Am Country have opinions that matter and a lot of my morning show comes from real experiences.   You might hear something on the show and then see comments about it in our social media.  This is real life.  My motto has always been “friends and family are fair game.”  So, it’s all in good fun.  Tune in each morning and you’ll find you can be a part of the fun on the way to work.  If you say or post something with-in my ear shot or scroll, it may just be part of the show.  And – as always – thank you for listening to 106.9 I Am Country (for Life)!


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