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December 17th

The Florida Supreme court recently ruled that police officers are allowed to use Florida's “stand your ground” law to protect themselves from prosecution just like a regular citizen, because they are a citizen. Proponents of the ruling say that this will let police officers do their jobs easier and with less fear of being unfairly prosecuted. Opponents say that allowing judges to give pretrial immunity to police opens the door for abuse.




A couple in Brevard county, just east of Orlando, have been accused of stealing toys that were supposed to go to sick children in the hospital. The duo allegedly stole about $300 worth of toys from the donation box.



How would you modernize Santa? A survey done by Graphic Springs showed some interesting ideas on how people would do just that. The majority said they wouldn't change anything, but some suggested things like going on a diet or getting some tattoos. 15% of people said that he should use Amazon to transport his gifts and about the same percent suggested a flying car. I'd imagine it would have to be red.



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