Shania Twain

Man! I Feel Like A Woman!

September 14th

Hurricane Florence is currently hammering the Carolinas with huge amounts of wind and rain. Recent projections for the storm’s path show it curving northward, so North Central Florida isn’t likely to be affected by the storm. The storm is predicted to be moving through the Southeast into sometime early next week, which the Weather Channel described as an “agonizing crawl”.

Also related to Florence, Florida is working to make accommodations for refugees coming in from the north. National forests here in the state are waving campground fees for people displaced by the hurricane. They also won’t have to worry about the 14 day stay limit.

Acupuncture isn’t just for people anymore. You can take your horse now too! Well, to a special place specifically for horses. The University of Florida Equine Acupuncture Center recently opened in northwest Marion County. Acupuncture’s healing benefits are traditionally associated with balancing energy in the body and studies are showing that is has some concrete medial effects.

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