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September 13th

Florida is mobilizing teams of electrical workers from all over the state to assist the states that get hit by Hurricane Florence. The wind is predicted to pick up today and get really bad on Friday when the storm makes landfall around the Carolinas. The general North Central and North Eastern Florida areas have about a 5 to 10 percent chance to see tropical storm force winds.

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If you live in or are visiting Alachua County it just acquired some more green space. For $2.8 million dollars the county purchased 711 acres of land near 441. The plan is to work with Gainesville and use the land to create more parks and nature trails.

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An Ocala man named Jonathan Beese, who was under investigation by the FBI for terrorism, was recently sentenced to 15 years in prison and probation for life. However, terrorism charges have not been filed. He pled out to a series of other charges related to him and his girlfriend stealing a bunch of guns. The couple was arrested back in April of 2017.

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