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September 12th

Operation Feed the Fearless in Marion County delivered over a thousand meals yesterday to local first responders. It was a gesture of appreciation for the hard work firefighters, police officers, and hospital workers do in the community.

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Gainesville City Hall has been approved for almost $3 million in upgrades. There isn't a completely drawn out plan but fixing leaky windows and the roof is going to be on there. The budget has to get a second read through, which will probably happen at the next city commission meeting.

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Don't forget to bring your bug spray when you go outdoors, especially if you go camping. All the rain we got in Winter and Spring has caused more people to be infected by mosquito borne diseases in the Summertime, and there are still plenty of mosquitos. Seven people have caught West Nile Virus here in Florida and 3 have gotten Eastern Equine Encephalitis. As an interesting side note, chickens are used to determine if an area is prone to West Nile or EEE. The “Sentinel Chickens” get infected but not sick from the diseases and develop antibodies. If the chickens have the antibodies, at least some of the mosquitos in the area have the associated disease.

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