October 9th - The White House, E-Sports, and the VA


The White House is refusing to comply with the subpoenas coming from house Democrats. Members of the house are calling for the impeachment of president Trump after a whistleblower released information about a phone call the president had with Ukraine. He asked their president to investigate Joe Biden, his political rival. The White House makes the argument the impeachment inquiries are illegitimate because their hasn't been a formal vote on the floor about it.

A new electronic sports arena is coming to Jacksonville. The ACE Arena will have 120 gaming rigs and it will be the largest gaming arena in the state. They are reportedly going to host local leagues, allow walk-ins, and serve food.

Veterans Affairs says we are getting a new hospital. They plan to open a 70,000 square foot primary care facility in Gainesville. They're also merging two facilities in Ocala.

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