October 31st - Twitter, NCAA, and Archer Road


The president of Twitter has announced that they are no longer allowing political adds. However there will still be plenty of political content for you to follow like any other content they just wont be paid adds. This is in contrast to Facebook who stands by their policy of allowing political advertisements. Neither company reportedly makes an enormous amount of money percentage-wise from political adds. Twitters ban starts sometime in mid November.



In another big shift, the NCAA is going to allow student athletes to make some money off of their likeness. They are also encouraging universities to treat their athletes less like employees and more like students. The official rules from the 3 divisions of the NCAA must happen by January of 2021.



A connector road in Gainesville between 47th Ave and 40th Blvd. is in the works for the city. It's designed to take pressure off off of Archer and I-75. Really to help get drivers between the major arteries in Gainesville. Future plans have the connector going to 62nd and Clark Butler Blvd.


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