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October 30th - Hemp, a Senate Bill, and a Local Scam


Hemp is gearing up to be a big crop here in the United States. A rule set for growing the crop is scheduled to come out tomorrow. The rules would set where the crops can be grown and the upper limit for how much THC is in the plant. Industrial hemp is not grown for the same purpose as Marijuana though they are the same family of plant. It's grown for things like oil and textiles.



Senate bill 436 would ban the use of solitary confinement on juvenile prisoners here in Florida. The practice could still be used for medical emergencies or regular emergencies, but not as a form of punishment. If passed, Florida would be the 8th state to ban the practice.




Ocala officials made a big mistake. Scammers swindles $750,000 out of the city by pretending to be a construction company. The scammers requested that the money be sent to a different account and it worked.


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