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October 15th - Marriage, a Propeller, and Teacher Raises


A federal judge struck down a Virginia law that required applicants for marriage licenses to report their race. 3 couples in the state say that they were denied their licenses after refusing to anwer. The attorney general of Virginia agreed prior to the lawsuit to allow for a "decline to answer" box, but the lawsuit was moved ahead. They reportedly feared that since the law was still in the books it could be re-interpreted once the attorney general left.




In a gruesome accident in South Florida a woman lost her arm and foot to an airplane propeller. Officials say that the pilot and passenger got out of the plane to inspect it after it wouldn't move. The pilot never turned the plane off, and the woman got too close.



Alachua County is reportedly planning to give teachers a 3.5% raise. This is an additional 1.5% over the normal annual raise. Educational support personnel would get a $.60 per hour increase.


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