Garth Brooks

The Thunder Rolls

October 10th

Hurricane Michael has strengthened to a cat 4 storm and is predicted to make landfall in the panhandle at around 2pm today. Currently the arc places the center of the storm somewhere between St Josephs Bay and Rosemary beach. Rosemary is northwest of Panama City. Maximum sustained winds of around 140 miles per hour and a storm surge of 13 ft is predicted. What intensity you’ll be affected really depends on your location. The storm itself is 350 miles from end to end which is the distance from Pensacola to Jacksonville. The central area is about 90 miles wide. Counties all over the area are ordering evacuations. Dixie county has an evacuation for coastal, low lying, and substandard housing. Levy county has evacuations for coastal communities. Tornado watches are in place for Dixie, Levy, and Gilchrist counties. Places like Alachua and Marion counties are likely to not get hit tremendously hard but will probably see some wind and rain.




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