Jo Dee Messina

Heads Carolina, Tails California

November 7th

Ron DeSantis is the next governor of Florida. Also, one of the of the Florida constitutional amendments that got approved by voters yesterday was amendment 4. It restored the voting rights to around 1 and a half million people convicted of a felony who served out their sentences. The change didn't apply to murderers or people convicted of felony sexual offenses.


GRU is still controlled by the city commission. The majority of Gainesville residents voted no to switch the utilities control to an independent board appointed by the city commission.


That city ordinance in Ocala about panhandling that we talked about yesterday was passed by their city council. It says that panhandlers have to give 20 feet of space to parking lots, parking meters, ATM's, public transport stops, public restrooms. Things like that. It also draws lines on how aggressively people can panhandle and prevents the practice all together at nighttime.

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