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November 7th - Animal Cruelty, Marriage, and a Failed Escape


A bill banning animal cruelty on a federal level has headed to the presidents desk for a signature. It was passed unanimously by the senate. Current federal regulations only ban animal fights and distributing videos of animal cruelty. Every state has their own rules against animal cruelty.




Florida State Senator Dennis Baxley reportedly proposed a bill that would add an additional piece of literature to read before you get married. The bill would add a “Florida Guide to a Healthy Marriage” alongside the already required “Florida Family Law Handbook”. Funding for the book, or booklet, would come from private sources.




An interesting crime story from Alachua County. A guy got pulled over then fled from police and managed to get away. Not for long though. While riding around Gainesville the next day, the same officers had a “hey don't we know that guy moment” and noticed their suspect in a car. He noticed that he had been noticed and fled into the Oaks Mall with a big bag of assorted drugs, but ended up getting caught.



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