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Heads Carolina, Tails California

November 6th

Today is voting day! Don't forget to bring a form of ID with you when you head to the polls. 5 million people voted early in the state, so hopefully the lines wont be too long.


A 5th grader walking to school in Gainesville stumbled on a pistol lying on the side of the road. The kid took the school's SRO to where it was and the gun was still there. Police are looking into details about the gun, and so far they have found that the gun was stolen in 2016.


Some changes could be coming to the city of Ocala. The city commission is voting on a city ordinance that would draw lines on how and where people can panhandle in the city. The new ordinance has a lot of specifics, but one is panhandlers cant solicit within 20 feet of public transport stops, public restrooms, gas pumps, and parking lots.

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