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November 29th

Crime in January to June of this year was up 10% in Alachua county compared to the same time last year. Every serious crime saw some sort of increase. Robberies went up by about 20% and aggravated assault was up by 15%. The number of murders technically almost doubled but that is just an increase from 5 to 9. The state saw an overall 8% drop in crime


A teenager down in Hollywood Florida got himself trapped in an abandoned bank vault. His friend called 911 and fire rescue tried to cut him out. Turns out, vault doors are really really hard to cut through, and an employee who used to work at the location was found and put in the access code to open the door. Why exactly the teenagers were there they didn’t admit.


Another story down in South Florida, but this one is about a building code dispute. A new home got built only a few feet away from someone’s already existing home. The owner of the original home called Pasco county and it turns out, yep, the house was too close. It was 6 feet away and the minimum is 10. So like a big ol birthday cake the solution was just to slice 4 feet off of the side of the house. Top to Bottom.

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