Chris Stapleton

Broken Halos

March 8th

So this story happened sometime last month, but is being reported on now. A highschool teacher won a cool 10 grand doing something that most of us are way too lazy to do. Her travel insurance company hid a contest in the fine print of their policy agreement, and she was the first to find it. The company reportedly planned to have the contest running for a while because hardly anybody actually reads the legal-eze but less than a day later the contest was over.


On Wednesday night, the earth shook. But you probably didn't feel it. The earthquake in the panhandle was only a 2.6 on the Richter scale. Still interesting though because we're more a wind and rain kind of natural disaster place.


Camp Blanding is going to be practicing with the big guns today and tomorrow. So if you're in the vicinity and hear some noise, don't panic- It's just the howitzers.

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