Chris Stapleton

Broken Halos

March 6th

If you’re driving through Gainesville I’ve got some news on a road construction change. Today through Friday the construction on 43rd street from Newberry to 441 is going to be happening during the daytime, so expect slowdowns from 8:30 until around 4. It’s likely going to be too cold to lay down asphalt in the evenings until the weather warms up.


Speaking of road related things, an interesting story caught my eye that was trending on google. It asked the question, “are you allowed to turn right on red”. In Florida, the answer is yes,  you are. Red arrows included. For both you just have to stop first and make sure you wont ram into anyone while turning and there is no sign that says you cant turn. However, I also learned that if you’re on a one way street, and it intersects with another one way street where traffic is going left, you can turn left on red. Before you go careening into traffic I’m gonna go out on a limb and say this left hand turn privilege doesn’t include divided highways and roads.


Gainesville and Ocala’s JcPennys are here to stay for the time being. The retailor is reportedly closing down a bunch of their stores because of poor sales over the holidays, but ours is being spared.

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