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March 27th

A small plane went down and caught fire in Suwannee County yesterday. Fortunately, the one person in the plane is reportedly okay but the plane….. a picture showed it looking a bit like it fell out of the sky and caught fire.


 A birthday suit naked lady and some other guy she was with decided to brave traffic and run across I-95 in broad daylight. They were probably after a dog that got out of their car, since the video taken by a passerby shows the man with a dog under his arm on the median with an empty car across from them. You keep being you Florida, it makes my job easy.



Alachua county recently updated and clarified some of its rules on fireworks. The new wording reportedly makes extra clear that the ban on projectile fireworks includes unincorporated parts of the county. It also raises the amount of insurance you need to receive a permit.

https://www.gainesville.co m/news/20190326/county-updates-rules-on-public-fireworks-shows

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