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March 26th

According to survey done earlier this year by, Americans spent around 40 billion dollars while drunkenly shopping last year. The per person average went up from $207 dollars in the 2017 survey to a whopping $736 in this one. A lot of the purchases are what you'd expect- Food, cigarettes, cloths, but 10% of the shoppers reported buying a car and 12% reported buying a pet. People from recommend that sober you hides your credit cards from drunk you, and that you don't auto save payment information into your computer.


A man down in West Palm Beach really threw himself under the bus. He called the police after the people he paid to have uh, intimate relations with, didn't show up. Probably after a moment of awkward silence, the officer reportedly asked the man to repeat himself, and he did. He was charged with soliciting a prostitute.


There was an armed robbery on UF campus Sunday night and 3 people have been arrested. They reportedly got into Jennings hall by just following behind people who actually lived there and they weren't affiliated with UF, which presumably means they weren't students. The victim was apparently the ex boyfriend of one of the robbers.

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