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March 22nd

There’s a fun new trend going around social media you might want to try. The “Florida Man Challenge”, despite its name, doesn’t encourage you to drive backwards down the interstate or rob a liquor store with a sharpened bit of palm tree. You just google “Florida man” and your birthday and see what comes up just for fun. One of my headlines was “Florida Sheriff warns residents not to shoot at hurricane Irma”. We really are the best state in the union.


Gainesville’s plastic bag ban might get moved back a few months. The commission is thinking about moving it to January 1st of next year instead of August 1st of this year. There will be a discussion on it next week.


So there is going to be a Dora the Explorer live action film you’ll probably have to take your kids too. But to be honest you yourself might be interested in seeing it. You know why? Dora’s got a sidekick named boots- and guess who’s going to be voicing him. You probably guessed wrong. It’s Danny friggin Trejo, of the “Machete” films fame. Quite possibly the toughest looking and sounding guy ever to grace the big screen.


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