March 21st

For better or worse, the Disney goliath grows larger. In a 71 billion dollar deal, Disney and Fox have merged. This brings more marvel intellectual property under Disney's control, 2 of the properties Fox owned were Fantastic 4 and X-men. Disney will also own a controlling stake in the online video watching platform Hulu.


Somebody dun goofed on a sign hanging above I-4. Some poor contractors and manufacturers went through all the effort of making a sign and mounting it above the interstate, but nobody checked to make sure the city was spelled right. Altamonte Springs got to be Alamonte Springs for a little while. To be fair, that is a pretty strange name.


A bill is moving through the Florida legislature that would provide a new outline for the implementation of amendment 4. Amendment 4 was the amendment passed a few months ago that would restore the voting rights to felons who completed their sentence and didn't commit murder or a sex crime. If the bill passes as it it would prevent felons from voting if they hadn't paid their court fees. It also is reportedly pretty broad with what is considered a sex crime like operating an adult store too close to a school. The bill reportedly passed through a committee on party lines with 10 republicans and 5 democrats.

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