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Somewhere With You (Single Edit)

March 1st

A man down in South Florida really doubled down on the resume padding, and got the job, but now it might bite him in the butt. He reportedly had the job as treasurer for Fort Lauderdale for around a year - and its sweet, sweet 120k salary. He also reportedly resigned after complaints about his job performance, and his resume had things like helping Detroit escape bankruptcy and him being a part of multi billion dollar company mergers. This whole issue went down about a year ago, but the latest investigation records were released recently. Officials are looking into possibly charging him with a crime.


You can “Run Amuck with the Duck” this weekend by running a 5k to raise money for lung cancer research and patients. Its tomorrow at North Florida Regional Medical Center at 9am, and registration is $30 or so dollars at 8 am. The mascot for the event is a “life sized duck” that was based on the founder's stuffed animal she kept with her while going through chemo. I'm not sure if life sized duck means duck sized or a person in a duck suit, but I'm sure it will be funny or cute not matter what.


After all that running, you can gorge yourself on strawberries at the Strawberry Festival in Ocala. Its also tomorrow, and its at the McPherson governmental complex. There's going to be a concert, a pet contest, a baking contest, and a car show.

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