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It's Your Love

March 19th

Smokeable medical marijuana is now legal in the state of Florida. The governor signed a bill passed by the legislature recently. It allows for a doctor to recommend the smokable version of the drug.




A craving for spicy sauce likely saved a mans life this weekend. He was sitting at a taco bell in Winter Haven when he got up to grab some sauce and not but a moment later a car plowed through the wall where he was sitting. Fortunately no on was injured in the crash.



Chick Fil A is reportedly testing a new menu item in a couple of cities, Gainesville and Ocala being two. Its not the double chicken sandwich I've been dreaming of, its something much. Healthier. Its a “Kale Crunch Salad”. The article I read was a little ambiguous on if its being unveiled this week or next Monday.


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