Chris Stapleton

Broken Halos

March 15th

 An elderly couple in Hollywood Florida defended their jewelry store with fists and a yardstick. A much younger man reportedly came into the store and decided to go behind the counter to get a new gold chain, rather than wait for his to be repaired. The old man put up his dukes and started swinging. His wife entered the fray armed with the yardstick and together they encouraged the robber to leave. The elderly man reportedly said his wife hit him as much as the other guy.

Port Richey is having some serious trouble with some of its elected officials. The former mayor Dale Massad was charged with shooting at a SWAT team that raided his home. Now he and the current mayor Terrence Rowe are charged with conspiring to intimidate a police officer. They reportedly said incriminating things while he and Massad were talking on the jail phone.

Florida has 3 cities on a list of city areas with the most aggressive drivers. What terrifies me is Jacksonville is NOT on the list so driving in these places must be a bloodbath. Orlando is number 7, Miami is number 17, and Tampa is number 19


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