March 14th

A bill to allow for smokeable medical marijuana just passed through the legislature and is awaiting the governor’s signature. Some of the things outlined in the bill are limiting the buyable amount to 2 and a half ounces every 35 days, preventing patients from using smokable marijuana in public places, and creating a medical marijuana research board.

 Juniper Prairie Wilderness and Juniper Run in the Ocala National Forest are back open, but only during the daytime. Some bears were really upset with tents or found what was in them very tasty. However, officials say the bears are fortunately not targeting people specifically. Either way, the people in charge say to keep an eye out if you decide to go visit.

If you’ve got Disney world plans in your future, be extra sure to go on the not-busy days. Disney is reportedly increasing their park prices for popular days. If you want to go around Christmas, its gonna cost you around $160. Ouch.

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