Travis Tritt


March 13th

A man down in south Florida is accused of using his position as a police officer to get dates with women. Now, this is less “dropping your occupation while chatting up ladies at the bar” and more “allegedly using police databases to find women to accost”. He resigned October of last year, and a news conference about the incident was a few days ago.


So a bunch off bills are moving around Florida’s legislature to loosen restrictions placed on breweries and distilleries. They would do things like increasing the production cap and allow for dogs inside breweries. You could go take Fido for a walk, grab a beer, and never miss a stride. It’s not so simple though, as alcohol distribution is a surprisingly complex issue and lots of special interests and special restrictions have their hands in the process.


Over 1 million Honda and Acura cars from 01 to 2016 are having their airbags recalled. There is a suspected manufacturing defect. You can go and input your VIN number to see if your car is affected.

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