Chris Stapleton

Broken Halos

March 11th

#trashtag is making waves on social media, and unlike a lot of challenge-type trends this one seems to be a force for good. Basically you take a before photo of a place that was covered in trash and put it next to an after photo of you cleaning it up. Earning internet fame the wholesome way.


In local civics, if you live in Gainesville early voting for mayor and district 4 has begun and continues until this coming up Saturday. Election day proper is the 19th which is next Tuesday.


A man who was probably really, really drunk was charged with felony trespassing in Arizona recently. The two women who were in the house allegedly found him in the kitchen cooking tortillas. They told him to take the food and leave and he waddled off, but not before he took a can of soup with him and ate it on the balcony. Officials say he was pretty bleary eyed and couldn’t stand up straight when the cops showed up. The woman reportedly said she didn’t like the soup very much to begin with.

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