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June 26th - Illinois Legalization, a Spreading Wildfire, and Extortion

With their governor’s signature, Illinois has officially legalized recreational marijuana. It is now the 11th state to do so. However, possession is still a crime until January 1st when the law is implemented. Residents can possess an ounce of the drug, and non-residents about half that. The criminal records of low-level offenders will be abolished as well.

Fox News

The fire in the Everglades has now spread to around 50 square miles as of yesterday evening. Fortunately, the fire isn’t threatening residential areas though winds could push it towards some highways. Officials are sort of shrugging their shoulders at the situation. The fire is too large and remote for it to be worth the effort to put out, so they are just waiting for rain.

Weather Channel

Lake City was extorted for almost $500000 by a hacker who shut down their phone and email. The demand was in bitcoin, a kind of digital currency. The city has insurance for this kind of trouble, so the city is only on the hook for about 10 grand for the ransom. Riviera Beach down in South Florida dealt with a similar problem about a week ago. Their breach was reportedly caused by a worker opening an infected email.

Gainesville Sun, CBS

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