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June 18th - Graduation Shooting, Sanctuary City Law, and UF Improvements

There was a shooting at a playground in Philadelphia Sunday evening. Around 75 people were gathered for a graduation party when a man opened fire indiscriminately into the crowd, injuring 5 and killing 1 person. As of yesterday, the shooter is still at large.


Governor DeSantis signed a bill on Friday that prevents cities in Florida from becoming sanctuary cities. Cities have to cooperate with the feds on immigration issues. The governor reportedly said that the bill was about public safety and not about politics. Detractors of the bill argue that it is a political move and that we don’t really have any true sanctuary cities.


Over $2 billion worth of improvements are scheduled to happen at the University of Florida. First on the list is improving the dorms for around $450 million. $2 billion is a lot of money, but to put things into context UF’s COO reportedly said that the schools operating budget is $6 billion annually.

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