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June 17th - Tanker Attacks, Hong Kong Protests, and Beach Cleanup

Two oil tankers near the Persian Gulf were attacked last Thursday by a so-far unknown enemy. One tanker was Norwegian and the other Japanese. The US said the explosions were mines, quickly blamed Iran for the attack, and brought up grainy footage of what they say was an Iranian boat removing a mine from the side of the Japanese tanker. Saudi Arabia and the UK agree with the US. Other European countries are skeptical, and the owner of the Japanese oil tanker said he saw a projectile head towards the ship. On Sunday, the US Secretary of State reportedly insisted it was Iran that attacked the ships.


Close to 2 million people took the streets in Hong Kong on Sunday to protest a bill that would allow the city’s citizens to be extradited to mainland China. The government of Hong Kong, which is not democratically elected, said that the purpose of the bill was to prevent Chinese criminals from hiding in the city. Protesters fear that the bill will be used to attack political opponents of China that live in Hong Kong.


A record 633 divers collected over 1600 pounds of trash from the water off Deerfield Beach. They are reportedly still counting so it could be a larger amount. The previous record was 4 years ago with 613 divers in the Red Sea.


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