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July 9th - Rain, a Lost Lottery, and Rate Increases

It rained so bad in DC that the White House's basement got flooded. A slow moving storm decided to chill out and pour all over the capitol. Roads got flooded and dozens of people had to be rescued. Florida has a fat rainstorm headed our way too. A system is scooting its way into the Gulf of Mexico and is very likely to become a tropical depression..

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Picture it, you win a cool grand from the lottery then the state yoinks it right out of your claw. An elderly woman in Kissimmee is claiming that she won that money, then Florida found a 30 year old debt she owed. The state reportedly said that they overpaid her a child support check and informed her of the error.... back in 1992.

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Gainesville City Commission will soon be finalizing if they are increasing GRU rates. So far it looks like we'll be seeing a 6.5% increase on electricity. GRU is encouraging people to raise their thermostat to 78 and shade their windows to reduce electricity usage.

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