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July 2nd - NASA, Pretend Bombings, and Panhandling

NASA wants to launch a drone all the way to Saturn's moon Titan. They made the announcement recently, but the planned date for the launch is sometime in 2026. Also, given the fact that outer space is really, really big the drone wouldn't even arrive until 2034. They want to do the mission because Titan has a lot of the necessary components for life. I wouldn't want to build a beach home there though, considering the oceans are made of methane.

NY Times

An Air-Force jet loaded with dummy bombs slammed into an unfortunate bird. The impact caused 3 of the bombs to pop free, and they fell somewhere in North Florida. The Air-Force reportedly thinks that the bombs landed around 60 miles south of their base in the Suwannee Springs Area. The bombs don't have any bomb in them, but the Air Force still asks if you find them to not touch them.


Gainesville is reportedly debating ways to regulate panhandling in the city. They have to balance citizens rights of free speech with controlling the fact that people are often standing in the medians of roads and other dangerous places. Previous attempts at regulation have been shot down by the courts.


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