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June 27th - Mueller, Front Yard Gardens, and Security Cameras

Robert Mueller has agreed to testify before the House of Representatives on his investigation into the President and associates. Last month Mueller made a statement saying that if he was ever made to testify before congress, he wouldn’t say anything other than what was outlined in the report. His testimony will be a very big deal and will take place on July 17th.

NY Times #1, #2

Starting next week the city can’t stop you from growing crops in your yard just because they think its ugly. Governor DeSantis recently signed a law preventing local governments from preventing people form growing food in their yard for aesthetic reasons.

CBS News

A $30 million security upgrade is coming to UF. 1700 surveillance cameras, license plate readers at entrances, and additional lighting will be added to campus. UFPD is also getting a few more officers.


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