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July 10th - a Murder Conviction, Some Tainted Ice Cream, and No More Bags

An 18-year-old from Massachusetts was sentenced to life in prison. The story goes that when Matthew was 15 he killed his friend because he suspected that his friend was fooling around with his girlfriend. To compound on the horribleness that is killing someone was the method of the killing. Medical personnel reportedly found over 70 injuries on his friends body, and his head and hands were missing. They couldn't tell what injuries happened before and which happened after he died.


A rather disgusting internet trend of people deliberately contaminating food at supermarkets and the like has been making rounds on the internet. However, this woman probably did what she did out of pure spite rather than for internet fame. A woman in South Florida is accused of urinating on equipment at an ice cream shop, among other similar acts. The owner of the ice cream shop reportedly thinks that she did it because of disputes over shared parking. The woman owns a business next door.


In much less extreme news, Alachua County has given the go ahead to follow in Gainesville's footsteps with regards to banning plastic bags and Styrofoam. The ban goes into effect starting January first. There are exceptions for the little produce bags you use in grocery stores, packaging around dry cleaning, and pharmacy bags.

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