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January 9th

We're kicking off the top 3 with a crazy story out of Sarasota that happened a while ago but popped up in the news recently. A substitute teacher reportedly decided to ruin a little girls birthday party.... with poo. Police say that she had an issue with the principle of the school and both their kids were in the same class. Someone apparently saw her smearing the.... poo..... on tables and grills at the park where the party was supposed to be, and it all had to be replaced. Police also say she admitted to the crime a week later.


In much more serious news, there are even more things to think about with regard to the government shutdown. If the issue isn't resolved, funds for programs like SNAP, WIC, and food assistance for kids at schools would start to dry up in February. Officials say that states and the feds work together to fund a lot of these programs, but losing the funding on the federal level would be a serious strain.



The shutdown is also putting strains on some college students. A handful wont be able to go to Santa Fe this semester because they couldn't get their tax documents for their financial aid. The IRS is heavily understaffed. Santa Fe says they are trying to find ways to help these students out.


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