Garth Brooks

The Thunder Rolls

January 8th

A big change is coming to Florida politics. Starting today, convicted felons who served their time- other than murderers or sexual offenders- will have the opportunity to register to vote. Last November voters approved this change.

Beginning tomorrow, Big Jim will be doing his Ride Around America starting in Tallahassee. He wants to spread the message that there is hope for people struggling with addiction. 2 years ago he did a similar event where he walked across the country.

Huge numbers of federal employees of all kinds are feeling the squeeze from the government shutdown. One group is the coast guard, who's 42000 members are currently working without pay. Though they are a part of the military, the Coast Guard is technically under the department of homeland security, who's funding wasn't approved before the shutdown. When payday arrives around middle of this month, they, along with tons of other federal employees, may have nothing in their hands.

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