January 7th

A man down in Pasco county is accused of assaulting his father with a pizza. His father said that he hit him in the face with the pie, then held him down and yelled at him. The whole event was reportedly triggered by the son finding out that his father helped deliver him at birth. After the whole event, the son went outside and waited for the police to show up.



An interesting bill was filed in the Florida senate by Senator Joe Gruters. If passed it would allow police to fine people caught smoking on public beaches. The fine would be a max of 10 hours of community service or $25 dollars.


The city of Ocala doing a bit of PR around its portion of the 1% sales tax increase that was approved by voters in Marion County a few years ago. “Your penny at work” signs are being placed on new city vehicles and road improvements. So far, the city has reportedly spent about 10 million dollars generated from the tax on improvements in road infrastructure and public safety type things like police cars and a new fire station.



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