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January 3rd

A 2 year old girl snuck between the bars of a rhino exhibit at a zoo in Melborne a few days ago. It happened during an up-close encounter experience that the zoo does regularly. Details on exactly what happened aren't clear, but the girl was taken to the hospital and her dad says she is doing fine. Officials at the zoo said that the rhinos wont be punished.




A short while ago man in St. Petersburg got furious over a lack of straws in a McDonalds lobby. A new law in the St Pete area says that straws have to be requested, and he refused to believe it. After getting in a shouting match with a cashier he leaned over and dragged her forward by the shirt collar. She responded with rapid fire punches to the face. He reportedly then left, came back, yelled at a manager, kicked another employee in the gut, and left again. Police have arrested the man on battery charges.




A man in Marion County is accused of dousing a 66-year-old woman in gasoline and threatening to light it. She says that she was asleep on the couch when he woke her up and told her she wasn't going to ruin his life. She says he then dumped the gas on her, lifted up a propane torch, and told her she was going to burn. She fled to a neighbor, and the suspect ran to the woods. Police found him there, and they say he claims to remember nothing.




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