Kenny Chesney

Don't Blink

January 31st

A supposed sinkhole down in Pembrook Pines ended up being an underground tunnel. It went about 50 feet (edit - 50 yards). Inside, officials reportedly found a pair of boots, a generator, tools, and some other things. Its suspected that the tunnel was headed towards a nearby bank, but investigators aren't 100% sure.


An older man in Gainesville robbed a Chinese restaurant in the city with nothing but a heck of a poker face. He pointed his fingers in the shape of a gun at the cashier and demanded the money in the cash register. Not willing to risk dying over the money, she didn't call his bluff. Police caught the man later, and he was charged with armed robbery.


Apparently some manatees in Sarasota make a yearly prediction on the Superbowl. Buffet picked the Patriots and Hugh picked the Rams. Apparently Buffet has a 6th sense for these sort of things and has been right 9 out of the 11 years.

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