January 30th

Football is on the brain for the Superbowl this weekend, but we got some football news in the amateur circuit. The date for the Gators spring game was recently announced, and that day is April 13th.



Starting Friday the Boy Scouts are becoming the Scouts BSA and are allowing girls into their group ages 11 to 17. Boys and girls will do their activities separately, but they will be learning the same types of things.



So if you have a Mac or an Iphone there is currently a bug with Facetime that lets people essentially bug your phone. Even if you don't accept the call they can still hear audio and sometimes see video. Go to your settings on your phone and find Facetime, and make sure you turn it off with the green button. Mac users need to go to to the Facetime app, open it up, hit the Facetime button at the top of the screen, and select turn off. Apple says they will be releasing a patch to fix the issue later this week.




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