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January 30th - Coronavirus, Coronavirus, and, Canine Pneumo-Virus


6000 people have reportedly been infected with the new Coronavirus, with 99% of cases being in China. The disease has killed roughly 130 people and is in the same family as the common cold. While the symptoms are similar, this disease has some differences between its cousin SARS during that outbreak 15 years ago. First of all is lethality. SARS was lethal in 10% of cases while the Coronavirus seems to kill about 2%. The scary thing about the Coronavirus is that there is mounting evidence that, unlike SARS, the disease can spread before symptoms show.


 About a classroom full of students in South Florida were told to stay home from school due to possible exposure to the Coronavirus. The students went to a UN event at Yale where a student from China tested positive for Influenza, and is waiting to find out of he or she has the new Coronavirus.



Alachua County Animal Services has announced that they are all clear to adopt dogs. A quarantine was placed on the facility in January for Canine Pneumo-Virus.


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