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January 2nd

Some new legal changes started yesterday. Here's a few. Minimum wage went up 21 cents; homeowners insurance now has to tell you that they dont cover damage from floods; alimony payments are no longer tax deductible, and aren't taxable income for the recipient; and hospitals are going to have to start putting their prices online.





Science news! A new record for NASA. The New Horizons spacecraft just passed a big ol space-rock named Ultima Thule 4 billion miles away. The craft took some pictures and the rock is Manhattan sized and kinda peanut shaped.




4 guys in Hillsborough County are accused of stealing a half million dollars worth of tequila. The trucker who was shipping the stuff stepped outside after dinner to find his cargo trailer was just.....gone. An hour and a half later police caught the men 11 miles away in the process of transferring their ill-gotten gains to a box truck.


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